Thursday, October 4, 2012

Art craft show Handmade-Expo, Kiev-2012

I decided to visit annual Handmade-Expo 2012 in Kiev. It wasn't bad idea :) I was thrilled by great variety of manufacturers of beading embroidery which is very popular in Ukraine today. There were a lot of exhibition rooms with sparkling finished pieces of real art. I felt myself obliged to take couple videos to show them to you. This first video is about my favorite manufacturer at the moment. Their beaded embroidery kits are of high quality printed fabric canvas with great color selection of beads. Traditional cross stitch sewing technique is familiar to many craftsters so it's really easy and fun to bead these canvas to get amazing results you may see at the video.
Believe me, you will get really great, unique and inimitable wall decor picture for acceptable price!

Next manufacturer is new to me but I fell in love with them immediately :) Their beaded embroidery mainly beaded in round using I guess feather stitch. They are notable by whole surface beading which creates truly magnetic look. They also have partial embroidery canvas. Take a look at this beading magic!

Another notable manufacturer known for its unusual canvas – real painting canvas completely imitating painting art. You can even lacquer finished beaded embroidery!

Another one representative of beading kits manufacturer from Ukraine. As usual fine quality on satin canvas and inimitable look. Enjoy!

Want to try? Great decision! Need unique gift? Right way! Take beaded embroidery kits here :)

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