Thursday, November 23, 2017

super chunky 100% merino wool yarn chunky knits arm knit bulky jumbo giant yarn

Do you love your pet? I barely want to compare the pet with your family members but what about them? I'm sure you do :) Besides, your pet is also the family member, for sure. So my question is rather rhetorical.
Well, I'd like to offer this super chunky 100% merino wool jumbo giant yarn great for chunky knits and arm knitting!

Just imagine how your family member may feel yourself in scarf knitted of this yarn,

or in hat, 

or covered by a blanket knitted by your hands 

and of course if your pet could speak, he would say "I love you" laying down to bed crocheted of this yarn!

Sounds good? Just CLICK HERE and choose yarn weight and color to make all that wonderful things.
Shipping is free for you!

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