Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bead embroidery technique: semi-cross stitches, monastery stitches

This beautiful small heart is easy to make, 
lot of my customers got this present from me some time ago. 
Do you already embroider it? No? Let's start! 
Here is step-by-step illustrated master-class how to embroider this small beauty :)

Feed threat to needle using thread feeder. 

Do not hold thread feeder like this:

This is right way to hold thread feeder:

Tie usual knot on the end of a thread. Use short thread for one operation, around 40 cm (15") to avoid thread twisting.

Pick one bead by needle and start from corresponding mark on canvas.
You may use a thread of one color for multicolored beads, it's not necessary to use a thread colored same as beads. 
I'm using red thread because the main color of this picture is red. 

This is semi-cross stitch chart.

Very soon you will get the surface like this:

This is how the back of canvas looks like. You will have a lot of knots :)

Actually you may start to embroider from any convenient place at canvas. You may start here, then stop and start there. Just keep beads angle, they all should look at the same direction.

 If some bead has been sewn wrong you may easily crack it and replace.

 We are finished embroidery. Now frame the canvas and enjoy!

Just try, you can easily learn this beautiful art. Don't think just genius can make this, everyone can learn it like they could :)

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