Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Duplet Fashion Parade at art show, Kiev, May 18 - 2013

I was at the "Formula of Art" craft show couple days ago. The famous Ukrainian magazine Duplet has fashion parade there. I took couple videos and decided to share with you. The fashion parade was short but interesting. The main point I want to share with you is that using Duplet's motifs, your creativity, imagination and crochet experience along with models printed in color in Duplet you can create really fashionable and stylish dresses, tops, blouses having real designers look and good for everyday and for party, for any size and taste :)

Well, take a look! This first video featuring models of popular Duplet designer Ludmila Botchenko. They are really very nice and possible to make by every experienced crocheter for any woman, not for podium model only.

The second video featuring models of Duplet designer Julia Karpovych. She shows how to convert usual dress into something special absolutely without magic, just using crocheted decor.
Conclusion - you can make all these models using just a set of Duplet issues, your crochet experience and own creativity with imagination. So use Duplet magazines, they worth that!

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