Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FRESH Duplet 133 Russian crochet patterns magazine

There are lot of interesting here about how to design lacy compositions:
- burdon crochet;
- meshy flowers;
- chrysanthemum motifs imitating cut out embroidery;
- background patterns for big sized laces crochet;
- crocheted cords insertion to crochet canvas;
- lot of beautiful lacy patterns;
- lot of new designers' plain lacy patterns;
- filet technique dedicated page;
- lot of all-of-a-piece plain lacy canvas crochet patterns imitating canvas assembled of small motifs with good pictures and charts;
- spiral polygon motifs and how to assemble them;
- Buttenberg laces page;
- Brugge lace top crocheting patterns and pictures;
- Brugge laces crochet tips and tricks;
- lot of color pictures of designers' models for inspiration as usual.

You know for sure where to buy this amazing magazine but just in case click here :)

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